Bluegrass Patios brings artistry and function to every new patio project.  Any beautiful patio begins with planning for the facets that will bring your outdoor space to life. These include paver or hardscape selections and planning on which furnishings you want to add to get the maximum outdoor living enjoyment.

At Bluegrass Patios, when we meet with our clients during the planning stages of their new patio or covered patio, we always inquire as to what type and size of furnishings they have in mind for the space.  In some cases, the furnishings have already been purchased specifically for the space.  Furniture size and shape are key factors in planning the size and shape of the patio.

Patios are a very routine source of outdoor gathering here in Central Kentucky.  While patios can range in size and material, we find that a 300 to 400 square foot patio is an ideal size.  However, Bluegrass Patios understands that each client and site are unique.  So, we are very happy to review different options with our clients.

Concrete is an option to install a patio, but concrete can crack leaving unsightly marks in the patio.  Another great option is the use of permeable pavers, which are a great way to add a functional outdoor space with minimal environmental footprint.  The leading cause in water pollution is water run-off.  Permeable pavers combined with other landscape enhancements can help you not only save money in the long run but also minimize water run-off.

Bluegrass Patios is never short of suggestions, but instead of telling you what you want we listen to what you have to say.  We offer fully customizable designs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave plenty of money in your wallet.  A large part of money-saving efficiency is based on our experience and we have years of it.

The benefits of installing brick, stone or concrete paver patios are as follow:

  • Increase value of your home
  • Versatile applications
  • Durable and flexible to temperature changes
  • Easy repairs (if needed)
  • Low maintenance

With our wide selection of material and style options, Bluegrass Patios is sure to recommend the exact patio that matches your lifestyle requirements while staying within your budget.  Patios offer many benefits such as their natural beauty and multifunctional use.

Covered patios create a real backyard retreat.  At Bluegrass Patios, we’ve got you covered.  By day, the patio cover shades your home and pets from intense summer sun.  By night, it is transformed into a dining and entertainment areas for the entire family to enjoy.  Adding a patio cover to your new patio is an easy way to add value to the property while adding to your comfort and enjoyment.  Our custom designs offer exceptional strength for all types of weather.

After setting up a consultation through our website or by calling our office, we will meet with you in your home to discuss all of your ideas and options.  Bluegrass Patios offers a wide variety of patio and covered patio designs to help you maximize the potential of your outdoor gathering space.

Put Bluegrass Patios to work for you and you’ll be completely satisfied.